What is 3D SECURE?


3D Secure introduces an enhanced verification step for digital payments to safeguard against credit card fraud, by adding a supplementary protective layer for online transactions made using credit and debit cards.

To deter credit card fraud effectively, additional validation via 3D Secure is necessary prior to the completion of the transaction.

Encountering issues with 3D Secure verification (such as connection interruptions or incorrect password entries) can be resolved by following these guidelines:

  • Retry the payment, ensuring the accuracy of the password or SMS confirmation code you input. If your bank does not offer 3D Secure support, or if you haven’t registered for it yet, see the advice provided below.
  • Temporarily deactivate any pop-up blockers. The 3D Secure process may launch in a new window, which could be obstructed by these blockers.
  • Should problems persist, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

As a MasterCard holder participating in 3D Secure transactions, you’re required to use either a SecureCode password you’ve set up or a NetCode sent to you via SMS by your bank. Enter this code as prompted on the 3D Secure page.

If you’re yet to register for a MasterCard SecureCode/NetCode, you can do so now, provided your bank supports this feature.

Visa users must input their unique security password established with their banking institution for 3D Secure transactions. Should you forget this password, a reset will be necessary. For more information on Verified by Visa, click here.

American Express’s SafeKey program is their version of 3D Secure, designed to minimize unauthorized online card usage by verifying your identity through an additional password or a unique code. Learn more about SafeKey by clicking here.

If your bank hasn’t joined the 3D Secure program or if you encounter payment issues, please click here to get in touch with us for support.